[Numpy-discussion] can't build numpy 1.2.0 under python 2.6 (windows-amd64) using VS9

Ravi lists_ravi@lavabit....
Wed Oct 8 09:29:43 CDT 2008

On Wednesday 08 October 2008 09:44:25 David Cournapeau wrote:
> For one, the manifest madness introduced with VS 2005 may be painful to
> handle, since it severly lacks any serious documentation. I am still
> unsure whether we will need to care at all, though.
> Another problem is that python headers are not "clean", they pollute the
> namespace quite heavily; a new version of python means new names added:
> those should be trivial, though.
> Other things are the usual: brokenness of MS tools with respect to
> standards (basic C99 functions not available, etc...). Every version of
> MS tool is broken, but in a different way.

The reasons above are why I don't try to do anything on Windows unless there 
is support from some external source, e.g., CMake taking care of build issues. 
The reasons above are also why I admire your heroic efforts at making Windows 
binaries available. But, then, I sometimes wonder about the motivation for an 
unpaid volunteer to take on an utterly thankless job in which help is never 
forthcoming from users; for any of my code out in the wild, the only help, bug 
fixes and improvements I have ever received have been from Linux and Solris 

Thank for taking on this arduous task.


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