[Numpy-discussion] Need **working** code example of 2-D arrays

Alan G Isaac aisaac@american....
Mon Oct 13 14:29:00 CDT 2008

Linda Seltzer wrote:
> Where is the moderator? Please get these condescending, demeaning personal
> comments off of this list.  I asked technical question.  Now please send
> technical information only.

The problem is, you did not just ask
for technical information.  You also
accused people of being condescending
and demeaning.  But nobody was
condescending or demeaning.  As several
people **politely** explained to you,
you are wrong about that.

If you stop making such accusations,
you will stop receiving such corrections.
There is no reason that list members
should allow your accusations to go

Stick to technical inquiries *only*, and you
will get responses more to your taste.

Alan Isaac

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