[Numpy-discussion] SWIG, typemaps, 2D argout arrays

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker@noaa....
Tue Oct 14 13:11:29 CDT 2008

T J wrote:
> I'm new to using SWIG and my reading of numpy_swig.pdf tells me that
> the following typemap does not exist:
>   (int* ARGOUT_ARRAY2, int DIM1, int DIM2)

are you referring to this statement in the docs?

Note that we support DATA_TYPE* argout typemaps in 1D, but not 2D or 3D. 
This is because of a quirk with the SWIG typemap syntax and cannot be 
> What is the recommended way to output a 2D array?

I wonder if SWIG has been improved in that regard? I might be worth a 
post to the SWIG list. Otherwise, Bill Spotz is the guy to ask -- if he 
doesn't reply to the soon, he may not be monitoring this list 00 you 
might try contacting him directly.

>  It seems like I should use:
>   (int* ARGOUT_ARRAY1, int DIM1)
> and then provide a python function which reshapes the 1D array?

That probably would be the easiest way to do it.

>  Is it
> correct that there will be insignificant performance disadvantages to
> this?

miniscule performance hit -- re-shaping if you aren't changing the data 
is cheap.

>  Also, is there any way to do this in an automated fashion?

yes -- my SWIG-foo is very rusty, but you can add python code in your 
*.i file, so you could write the file that does that conversion, put it 
there, and it would get added in by SWIG.


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