[Numpy-discussion] LU factorization?

Stéfan van der Walt stefan@sun.ac...
Wed Oct 15 15:50:49 CDT 2008

2008/10/15 Robert Kern <robert.kern@gmail.com>:
> Which bits? The current set has worked fine for more than 10 years.

I'm surprised no-one has requested the LU decomposition in NumPy
before -- it is a fundamental building block in linear algebra.  I
think it is going too far, stating that NumPy's linear algebra module
serves simply as an upgrade path for those coming from Numeric.  Its
use has developed far beyond that.

> Where do we stop? There will always be someone who wants just one more
> function. And a case can always be made that adding just that function
> is reasonable.

I'd rather we examine each function on a case-by-case basis, than to
put a solid freeze on NumPy.


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