[Numpy-discussion] creating a Numeric array from a numpy array LEAKS memory

Travis E. Oliphant oliphant@enthought....
Fri Oct 24 12:54:03 CDT 2008

Jose Borreguero wrote:
> Dear numpy users,
> I need to pass a Numeric array to some oldie code from a numpy array. 
> I decided to go like this:
> for i in range(BIGNUMER):
>     my_numpy_array=grabArray(i)
>     na=Numeric.array( my_numpy_array, Numeric.Float)
>     oldie_code(na)
> The constructor line:
> na=Numeric.array( my_numpy_array, Numeric.Float)
> does leak memory.
> Is there a way to pass the Numeric array to oldie_code without the leaks?
This should work without memory leaks, but there may be a bug in NumPy 
or Numeric.

Which version of Numeric and NumPy do you have?


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