[Numpy-discussion] indexing numpy arrays in extensions created with ext_tools

Søren Nielsen soren.skou.nielsen@gmail....
Fri Oct 31 10:28:38 CDT 2008


I'm trying to make a weave python extension to use in my program. I already
did it in inline, but that doesn't work with py2exe (needs compiler), so I'm
creating extensions instead using ext_tools.

Is there a way I can use blitz with ext_tools? so that I can refer to numpy
arrays like a(x,y) in the c code?? I have alot of 2D arrays that needs
indexing in the C code.. right now I can only index one dimension since the
first is always zero for some reason.. so if I write a[1,1] in the c code, I
still get returned the a[0,1]

Any help is appreciated!


Some silly test code:

mod = ext_tools.ext_module('test_ext')

    a = zeros((2,2))
    x = 1
    y = 0

    test_code = """
                py::tuple args(1);

                if(a[x,y] == 1)
                    args[0] = 1;
                    args[0] = 0;

                args[0] = a[x,y];

                return_val = args;
    ravg = ext_tools.ext_function('test', test_code, ['a', 'x', 'y'])
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