[Numpy-discussion] distance matrix and (weighted) p-norm

Emanuele Olivetti emanuele@relativita....
Tue Sep 2 17:08:42 CDT 2008


I'm trying to compute the distance matrix (weighted p-norm [*])
between two sets of vectors (data1 and data2). Example:

import numpy as N
p = 3.0
data1 = N.random.randn(100,20)
data2 = N.random.randn(80,20)
weight = N.random.rand(20)
distance_matrix = N.zeros((data1.shape[0],data2.shape[0]))
for d in range(data1.shape[1]):
    distance_matrix +=
distance_matrix = distance_matrix**(1.0/p)

Is there a way to speed up the for loop? When the dimension
of the vectors becomes big (e.g. >1000) the for loop
becomes really annoying.



[*] : ||x - x'||_w = (\sum_{i=1...N} (w_i*|x_i - x'_i|)**p)**(1/p)

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