[Numpy-discussion] numpy build on windows

Miroslav Sabljić civija@gmail....
Thu Sep 4 12:30:11 CDT 2008

David Cournapeau wrote:

> Ok, you are building on windows, with a custom python, on windows 64
> bits, with MKL... That's a lot at the same time. 

I'm building it with custom Python (built with VS 2008) on Win32. It is
a lot for me but I just have to do it and learn as much as posible
during the process. I'm building it with MKL becuase I followed the
instructions from website.

> I would first try 
> building numpy without the MKL with VS 2008, because this is already a
> challenge by itself. Did you you try it ? Did it work ? Did the tests
> pass ? 

I haven't tried building it without MKL because I don't know how. :( As
I followed the instructions I tried to build it directly with MKL. I can
try it tomorrow at work and post a log. Would you be so kind and tell
what is the proper way to build it without MKL?

> Are you trying to build a 32 bits numpy (as suggested by the MKL
> in x86 dir), or a 64 bits numpy ?

32-bit numpy. Everything I'm building for now is 32-bit (Python, PIL,
numpy, ...) on 32-bit Windows. If you need any more information please
let me know and I will post them.

Thanks for your answer!

Best regards,

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