[Numpy-discussion] numpy build on windows

David Cournapeau cournape@gmail....
Thu Sep 4 12:48:31 CDT 2008

On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 2:30 AM, Miroslav Sabljić <civija@gmail.com> wrote:
> David Cournapeau wrote:
>> Ok, you are building on windows, with a custom python, on windows 64
>> bits, with MKL... That's a lot at the same time.
> I'm building it with custom Python (built with VS 2008) on Win32. It is
> a lot for me but I just have to do it and learn as much as posible
> during the process. I'm building it with MKL becuase I followed the
> instructions from website.

From scipy.org ? If you understood you have to use the MLK, then we
have to improve the documentation (the installation pages are a mess
ATM). It is certainly no mandatory.

Do you have to use VS 2008 ? Building python on windows is not easy
because of the dependencies, this alone requires quite a bit of
effort. Do you already have your built python ?

> I haven't tried building it without MKL because I don't know how. :( As
> I followed the instructions I tried to build it directly with MKL. I can
> try it tomorrow at work and post a log. Would you be so kind and tell
> what is the proper way to build it without MKL?

On windows, if you only build numpy, you only need a C compiler, so in
theory, python setup.py build, with an empty site.cfg, should work.
But VS 2008 is significantly different from VS 2003, which is the most
often used MS compiler to build numpy (on windows, many people use
mingw; the official binaries are built with mingw; but there are
problems between mingw and VS 2008....).

I would try that first (an empty site.cfg build).
>> Are you trying to build a 32 bits numpy (as suggested by the MKL
>> in x86 dir), or a 64 bits numpy ?
> 32-bit numpy. Everything I'm building for now is 32-bit (Python, PIL,
> numpy, ...) on 32-bit Windows. If you need any more information please
> let me know and I will post them.

I am surprised: why you do you have Program File (x86) if you run on
32 bits ? I thought the directory only appeared on windows 64 bits, to
hold the 32 bits programs ?



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