[Numpy-discussion] numpy build on windows

Miroslav Sabljić civija@gmail....
Thu Sep 4 13:37:37 CDT 2008

David Cournapeau wrote:

> From scipy.org ? If you understood you have to use the MLK, then we
> have to improve the documentation (the installation pages are a mess
> ATM). It is certainly no mandatory.

Yeah, from scipy.org.

> Do you have to use VS 2008 ? Building python on windows is not easy
> because of the dependencies, this alone requires quite a bit of
> effort. Do you already have your built python ?

Yes, I have to use VS 2008. I've successfully built Python 2.5.1 with VS
2008 and I'm currently using it to build other neccessary site-packages
for it.

> On windows, if you only build numpy, you only need a C compiler, so in
> theory, python setup.py build, with an empty site.cfg, should work.
> But VS 2008 is significantly different from VS 2003, which is the most
> often used MS compiler to build numpy (on windows, many people use
> mingw; the official binaries are built with mingw; but there are
> problems between mingw and VS 2008....).
> I would try that first (an empty site.cfg build).

I will try it tomorrow at work. I would use mingw or even cygwin but
unfortunately I have to use exactly VS 2008 and only it.

> I am surprised: why you do you have Program File (x86) if you run on
> 32 bits ? I thought the directory only appeared on windows 64 bits, to
> hold the 32 bits programs ?

Sorry for this misapprehension! I meant to say that I'm building 32-bit
numpy for 32-bit Python. The machine I'm using to build it is 64-bit
Windows which has both 32-bit and 64-bit compilers and libraries
installed. For now I'm doing only 32-bit builds.

Tomorrow I will try to build numpy with empty site.cfg and post results
here. Tnx.

Best regards,

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