[Numpy-discussion] Getting a numpy array from a ctype pointer

Paulo J. S. Silva pjssilva@ime.usp...
Thu Sep 4 16:31:10 CDT 2008

Em Qui, 2008-09-04 às 15:01 -0500, Travis E. Oliphant escreveu:
> Paulo J. S. Silva wrote:
> >   
> Something like this may work:
> from numpy import ctypeslib
> r = ctypeslib.as_array(x._type_ * n)

Unfortunately, it didn't work.

> If that doesn't work, then you can create an array from an arbitrary 
> buffer or any object that exposes the __array_interface__ attribute.   
> So, if you can get the address of c_double then you can use it as the 
> data for the ndarray.
> Ask if you need more help.

I think I need help. I discovered how to create a Python string from the
pointer using ctypes' string_at function:

r = C.string_at(x, n*C.sizeof(x._type_))

Now I can use numpy fromstring to get a array version of it. However
this is not enough for my application as fromstring actually copies the
data, hence change to the array are not reflected in the original array
that goes back to the Fortran code.

Any hints?


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