[Numpy-discussion] numpy build on windows

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Fri Sep 5 04:02:51 CDT 2008

Miroslav Sabljic wrote:
> I have tried building it with empty site.cfg file as you told me. The
> log file is in attachment.

First, you are trying to build with numpy 1.0.2, which is really old.
Update to a more recent version.

The error you are seeing may indicate that it is not possible to build
python 2.5 extensions with VS 2008 with distutils (the message says
distutils did not detect VS 2008 installation, and that may well be
caused by distutils not knowing how to deal with VS 2008).

How did you build python with VS 2008 ?



P.S: Not to discourage you, but it will certainly be painful to build
numpy with VS 2008 and python 2.5, because 2.5 distutils does not really
handle VS 2008, and we use distutils for the build, and also because
AFAIK, numpy has never been built with VS 2008 yet (2.6 will support VS
2008, so that's something which will be fixed sooner rather than later,
assuming numpy C code cannot be compiler with VS 2008 now).

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