[Numpy-discussion] 1.2.0rc1 tagged!

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker@noaa....
Wed Sep 10 16:42:37 CDT 2008

Robert Kern wrote:
>> Actually, perhaps we should try to establish a standard, putting
>> packages that work with multiple pythons in something like:
>> /usr/local/lib/UniversalPython2.5/site-packages
>> and add that to a *.pth file in various versions.
> The problem is that each Python has to support this. If each package
> has to drop in a .pth file to hack in support for this, it'll just be
> a shambles.

maybe, but what we have is already a shambles, and a constant annoyance, 
IF we could get it established as something of standard , things would 
be better.

> It's possible that /Library/Python/2.x/site-packages was designed for
> this, but I more strongly suspect that it was just a place outside of
> /System for third-party packages for the /System Python to go, and it
> was not intended to be used by any other Python.

I agree -- Apple doesn't ever seem to concern itself with other pythons. 
However, is there any reason not to use it that way? It's a logical 
place to put it.

>> import site;
>> site.addsitedir('/usr/local/lib/wxPython-unicode-')
>> in the pth file, rather than just the path -- I have no idea why.
> Because it, too, has a .pth file. Python only reads .pth files in
> paths that it knows about. site.addsitedir() registers such paths.

ahh, thanks. Now I get it.

> This is not a path (and my sincerest apologies for the pun) that I
> would like to go down.

I'm not sure either, but I now that this is an issue for every compiled 
package out there, so it would be nice to make it a bit easier for the 
users and package builders one way or another.

Binary eggs always seem to be a struggle on the mac too....

oh well,


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