[Numpy-discussion] math directive, rest files and sphinx

Stéfan van der Walt stefan@sun.ac...
Tue Sep 16 03:43:31 CDT 2008

Hi David

2008/9/16 David Cournapeau <david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac.jp>:
> I managed to get further, but I don't get what I want. A minimal latex
> code which has the problem is the following
> .. math:: \begin{matrix}x \\ y \end{array}
> This shows correctly with latex, but not with html (which shows xy
> instead of a column with x in one row and y in the other). I guess this
> is a mathml problem ?

I expanded the mathml module in the reference guide source to handle
constructs as they came up.  I never did try to do matrices, though,
so it's quite likely that it hasn't been implemented.

> Also, I noticed a trivial but confusing error in error messages in
> mathml.py. Shall I report those problems with fixes in the numpyref
> package at launchpad ? IOW, what is the 'official' gate to this ?

I'm not sure if there is an "official" version anywhere.  The URL I
got it from is in the top of the source, but I've modified the code
since.  I guess fixing our version on launchpad is a good start.

> Finally, are are gearing toward math support from sphinx directly
> (available in future 0.5), or will we keep our own ?

While I like the mathml approach, it does not render perfectly on all
browsers and, as you've discovered, doesn't support all the
constructs.  It may be easier to switch to the math module now in
Sphinx, rather than to update the mathml module.  I'll leave the
decision up to Pauli and yourself; unfortunately I don't have time to
work on this right now.


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