[Numpy-discussion] building numpy locally but get error: undefined symbol: zgesdd_

Francis F.Drossaert@googlemail....
Wed Sep 17 05:13:36 CDT 2008

In general the IT dep. don't want changes since changes require weeks
of testing to make sure that existing applications are not
conflicting, etc. I am not sure they would fulfill my request.
Especially since it has no priority at all.

I am installing Sage math now. Although I would like to avoid using
it, it is at this moment the simplest solution and it will do what I
want it to do.

Thank you for trying to help out.

On 17 Sep, 10:16, David Cournapeau <da...@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac.jp>
> Francis wrote:
> > I can't open rpm files so I opened numpy with archive manager and
> > extracted Numpy to site-packages.
> Can't you ask your admin to install rpm packages ? Uncompressing the rpm
> and putting them into random places is unlikely to work.
> >  Unfortunately importing numpy
> > results in ImportError: .... undefined symbol:
> > _PyUnicodeUCS4_IsWhitespace.
> Yes, because you built your python yourself. That's why you should not
> do that: once you built your own python, you are effectively using a
> different ABI for every python package packaged for your distribution
> unless you take care of using the exact same options as RH did. You
> should not do that unless you really know what you're doing.
> >  Suggested solution found in wiki is to
> > hard-install numpy. Aaaaah ... it is like running in circles. Is it
> > possible to use refblas and lapack libraries in the ashigabou rep.
> Yes, as long as you use gfortran to build numpy/scipy. But I would first
> ask your admin whether it is ok to install the rpms. That's really how
> packages should be installed, not using the sources directly.
> cheers,
> David
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