[Numpy-discussion] numpy.scipy.org and Travis' book

Peter numpy-discussion@maubp.freeserve.co...
Mon Sep 22 06:06:20 CDT 2008

Hi all,

Now that Travis' book is freely available, it is great to see the
NumPy section of
http://www.scipy.org/Documentation has been updated.  However, could
someone update the main numpy webpage (numpy.scipy.org) too?

Quoting http://numpy.scipy.org/
> Much of the documentation for Numeric and Numarray is applicable to the new
> NumPy package.  However, there are significant feature improvements.  A
> complete guide to the new system has been written by the primary developer,
> Travis Oliphant.  If you want to fully understand the new system, or you just
> want to encourage further development on NumPy (or SciPy), you should
> purchase the documentation which is being sold for a relatively brief period
> of time to help offset the cost of writing the book and producing the
> Numeric/numarray hybrid, and to help raise money for future development.
> If the existence of this fee-based book concerns you, Travis has written some
> responses to FAQs.

This should say the book is now freely available at
but could also point out that people can make a donation via

It would also be nice to update http://www.tramy.us/FAQ.html and add a link to
the free download,



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