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Mon Sep 22 14:19:16 CDT 2008

Hi, All,
I am struggling to make the loadtxt works. In my file, I have several colunms of data, say I have two. When I use the following command to load the data, 
fid=loadtxt('filename.csv',comments='"',dtype='|S4',converters={0:lambda s:int(s,16)})
It will load an array has two columns. However, I only want to load one column to save the memory. If I type
fid=loadtxt('filename.csv',comments='"',dtype='|S4',converters={0:lambda s:int(s,16)},usecols=(1,))
I got error:
    337     for i, conv in (user_converters or {}).iteritems():    338         if usecols:--> 339             i = usecols.find(i)    340         converters[i] = conv    341
AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'find'> c:\python25\lib\site-packages\numpy\lib\io.py(339)loadtxt()    338         if usecols:--> 339             i = usecols.find(i)    340         converters[i] = conv
Can someone help to solve this problem? Or is this a bug in loadtxt?
Here is a test file with contains:
"ADCOUT" "Nyquist"29F 23529F 397
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