[Numpy-discussion] lsame_ undefined ...

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Thu Sep 25 10:28:38 CDT 2008

thorsten@partita.dartmouth.edu wrote:
> David,
> I built it myself from source about 2 years ago.  Has it
> changed much?

It has not changed at all, but your compiler has, and they are not ABI
compatible, or maybe you made an error when installing numpy.

Which compiler did you use to build BLAS/LAPACK (g77 or gfortran) ?
Which version of BLAS/LAPACK: did you use LAPACK 3.0 or LAPACK 3.1.1 ?
LAPACK 3.0 BLAS is incomplete, and should not be used (but your error is
not a symptom of this problem.



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