[Numpy-discussion] lsame_ undefined ...

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Thu Sep 25 22:34:33 CDT 2008

thorsten@partita.dartmouth.edu wrote:
> There appears to be only one.  I had attempted an install of scipy 
> at one point, which might have brought something else along, but 
> running "find" from the top of the directory tree shows only a single
> copy as far as I can tell.

Something went wrong somewhere, but I can't see what. If you are willing
to rebuild, I have a small project of mine to build numpy from scratch,
including blas/lapack (and ATLAS, FFTW, etc... if you want), with the
right options:


This should work, and was done precisely for your case (when blas/lapack
is not provided by your OS vendor).



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