[Numpy-discussion] ANN: NumPy 1.2.0

Thomas Heller theller@ctypes....
Fri Sep 26 13:24:00 CDT 2008

>> If I now build applications using numpy with py2exe for distribution,
>> what will happen on the target computers if the components are not 'right'
>> for the actual machine type?

> Note that the superpack is actually quite primitive: it is a nsis
> installer which encompasses actual installers built with bdist_wininst,
> the nsis being used only to detect CPU arch automatically. So if you
> need the installers as before, you can just ask nsis to extract all
> three installers I believe, from the command line. If it is a problem,
> or if we can make it easier for you, please tell us. I am the one who
> did this scheme, and I do not use py2exe (or windows for that matter),
> so I would be happy to solve the problems if you tell me how :)

Well, the first question is:  What does happen when I install the SSE3 version
(or how it's called) on my machine, use py2exe to build an app, and this
app runs on a SSE2 machine - degraded performance, or hard crashes?

I could probably live with the least performance, but not with the crashes ;-).

So, maybe the gui could allow to select whether to install the high-performance
version specialized for the current cpu, or a more portable but a little bit
slower version (I assume there is one included) that can be safely used for py2exe.


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