[Numpy-discussion] ANN: NumPy 1.2.0

Thomas Heller theller@ctypes....
Sat Sep 27 15:38:33 CDT 2008

David Cournapeau schrieb:
> Thomas Heller wrote:
>> Well, the first question is:  What does happen when I install the SSE3 version
>> (or how it's called) on my machine, use py2exe to build an app, and this
>> app runs on a SSE2 machine - degraded performance, or hard crashes?
> Hard crash. That's the whole point of the installer, actually: install
> the right version. The problem is two fold:
>     - it is practically impossible to force ATLAS to configure itself to
> use an instruction set different than the one used to build ATLAS.
>     - we don't have a system to dynamically load the right ATLAS when
> importing numpy.
> Note that this is not new: you had the problem before, because before,
> numpy was *only* built with SSE2 support, and any machine wo SSE2 would
> crash when using numpy.

I see.

>> So, maybe the gui could allow to select whether to install the high-performance
>> version specialized for the current cpu, or a more portable but a little bit
>> slower version (I assume there is one included) that can be safely used for py2exe.
> Is it really complicated to decompress the .exe to get the installers
> and choose the one you want ? I am reluctant to add a GUI option because
> nsis is primitive, and adding gui is no fun (I use it only because it is
> open source and has a plug-in system; the scripting language to build
> the binary is awful). Also, the nsis installer itself has no GUI on
> purpose, to avoid confusing people with a two stages installer.

No, it isn't complicated.  I searched a little about command line options,
and didn't find any.  But 7-zip did unpack the installers.  I can live with


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