[Numpy-discussion] xml-rpc with numpy arrays

Brian Blais bblais@bryant....
Tue Sep 30 19:27:32 CDT 2008

On Sep 30, 2008, at 18:42 , Sebastien Binet wrote:

> yeah... Robert pointed it to me that as xmlrpc is meant for cross- 
> language RPC,
> sending python objects over the wire isn't so useful, hence the  
> usage of marshal
> instead of pickle.

thanks for all of the help.  My initial solution is to pickle my  
object, with the text-based version of pickle, and send it across  
rpc.  I do this because the actual thing I am sending is a  
dictionary, with lots of arrays, and other things.  I'll have a look  
at the format that Robert sent, because that looks useful for other  
things I am doing.

Sebastien, why is sending python objects over the wire not so  
useful?  is there a better way to do this sort of thing than xmlrpc?   
I thought it looked particularly simple (other than this pickling  
issue, of course.  :)  ).



Brian Blais

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