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Christopher Barker Chris.Barker@noaa....
Fri Apr 10 15:42:11 CDT 2009

John Seales wrote:
> loading the numpy or scipy module doesn't work, whether I do it at the 
> terminal command line or at the python interpreter.
> Anyone know what else might be wrong?

we're going to have to know a lot more about what you've done so far, but;

a) unless you have a strong reason to use Python2.6, I'd use 2.5:
   - install the python 2.5 form the python,org web site (it looks like 
you have done this
   - install the binary for numpy for python 2.5:

You're done.

b) if you really need 2.6, you'll have to build numpy yourself:

   - Install the binary of Python2.6 from the python web site
   - make sure that's the one you get when you type "python":
      . "which python" may help here
      .  If it's not, edit your .bash_profile to get it on your PATH.
   - download the source tarball for numpy
      . unpack it into somewhere in your home directory
   - Make sure you have the Apple development tools: XCodeTools
   - cd into the numpy dir, and type:
     $ python setup.py build
     $ python setup.py install

   - run python, and type "import numpy"

Last I checked, the binary for ScipPy was broken, you'll need to get 
gfortran and compile it yourself, as the page tells you.


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