[Numpy-discussion] FFTW?? Do I need it to do Fourier transforms?

Jon Wright wright@esrf...
Sat Apr 11 01:47:44 CDT 2009

Charles R Harris wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 8:33 PM, John Seales <praxbaffle@hotmail.com 
> <mailto:praxbaffle@hotmail.com>> wrote:
>     The link to FFTW on  http://www.scipy.org/Installing_SciPy/Mac_OS_X
>     is broken.
>     Is it needed to do Fourier Transforms? My main motivation for using
>     numpy and scipy is to do spectral analysis of sound.
> No, it isn't needed. The fft is available in numpy itself as well as scipy.

You can also get ctypes based fftw wrappers from:


These worked for me, but do behave differently to the numpy fft (factors 
of N, speed and planning).



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