[Numpy-discussion] DVCS at PyCon

Eric Firing efiring@hawaii....
Sun Apr 12 19:26:55 CDT 2009

Stéfan, or other git-users,

One feature of hg that I use frequently is "hg serve", the builtin web 
server.  I use it for two purposes: for temporary local publishing 
(e.g., in place of using ssh--sometimes it is quicker and easier), and 
for providing access to the very nice hgwebdir.cgi browsing capability 
on local repos.  I have looked through git commands etc., and have not 
found an equivalent; am I missing something?  The browsing capability of 
hgwebdir.cgi is much better than any gui interface I have seen for git 
or for hg.  I realize there is a gitweb.cgi, but having that cgi is not 
the same as being able to publish locally with a single command, and 
then browse.



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