[Numpy-discussion] DVCS at PyCon

Andrew Straw strawman@astraw....
Sun Apr 12 21:32:02 CDT 2009

Eric Firing wrote:
> Sure enough, that is what I was looking for.  (gitweb doesn't seem to 
> have the annotate [or blame, in git-speak] option, or the graph.)
gitweb does, you have to turn it on, though...
You need to add this to your gitweb.conf, though:

$feature{'blame'}{'default'} = [1];
$feature{'blame'}{'override'} = 1;

I also find pickaxe and snapshot useful:

$feature{'pickaxe'}{'default'} = [1];
$feature{'pickaxe'}{'override'} = 1;

$feature{'snapshot'}{'default'} = ['zip', 'tgz'];
$feature{'snapshot'}{'override'} = 1;

I don't know about the graph. (You mean the "gitk --all" kind of view? I
saw one JavaScript-y web app that did that, but it was slow and ugly for
any non-trivial repo.)

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