[Numpy-discussion] recommendations on goodness of fit functions?

Brennan Williams brennan.williams@visualreservoir....
Mon Apr 13 19:28:42 CDT 2009

Hi numpy/scipy users,

I'm looking to add some basic goodness-of-fit functions/plots to my app.

I have a set of simulated y vs time data and a set of observed y vs time 

The time values aren't always the same, i.e. there are often fewer 
observed data points.

Some variables will be in a 0.0...1.0 range, others in a 0.0.....1.0e+12 

I'm also hoping to update the calculated goodness of fit value at each 
simulated timestep, the idea being to allow the user to  set a tolerance 
level which if exceeded stops the simulation (which otherwise can keep 
running for many hours/days).



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