[Numpy-discussion] DVCS at PyCon

David Cournapeau cournape@gmail....
Tue Apr 14 01:39:54 CDT 2009

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 11:02 PM, Martin Geisler <mg@lazybytes.net> wrote:

> You're right, the UI is not so good. In particular, you cannot use 'hg
> diff' to compare repositories. The rdiff extension does this, though:
>  http://www.selenic.com/mercurial/wiki/index.cgi/RdiffExtension

In git, it is not just about diff, but about every command where you
would want to compare branches. From a UI POV, this vastly outweighs
the possible confusion caused by multi-branches / repo ala git. This
means everything is done within the same concept of a branch (review,
tasks, release branches, task branches, patches).

> Using stock Mercurial you can use 'hg incoming -p' to see the patches of
> the incoming (missing) changesets, or you can pull in the changesets and
> then look at them -- if you don't like them you can remove them again.

Ok, I would have to try this to get a better idea as well.

> Or you could use named branches for the numpy-1.2.x and numpy-1.3.x
> branches -- then everybody would see the branch names when they clone
> the combined repository.

Hm, ok. For release branches, named branches is the obvious choice -
it is very unlikely that you would need to delete them.


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