[Numpy-discussion] Leopard install

Chris.Barker@noa... Chris.Barker@noa...
Tue Apr 14 21:31:21 CDT 2009

David Cournapeau wrote:
>> yes, that's it -- "system Python" is a misnomer. I really should figure 
>> out how to change that message.
> It is set-up in the info.plist as built by bdist_mpkg, so I guess
> changing this file should be enough - this should be easy to test :)

yup. It's pretty easy to find where it gets put in the bdist_mpkg code, 
but I didn't get as far as making a patch and submitting it. I  should have.

> Maybe we should do the packaging ourselves instead of relying on the
> bdist_mpkg command, to control all this better (we could reuse some code
> from the bdist_mpkg command, of course) ?

I  think I'd prefer to patch bdist_mpkg, rather than re-writing or 
forking. Others need it too.


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