[Numpy-discussion] need some help with python scientific packages

Emmanuelle Gouillart emmanuelle.gouillart@normalesup....
Tue Apr 21 15:23:46 CDT 2009

	Hi Nacer,

> I read your message on the african python tour mailing list. I am
> looking for someone able to help me find the right scientific package
> for parallel computing (data mining of frequent patterns). I am
> involve in a DEA course and need such a package to illustrate the
> topics I am developping in my "memoire". Could you please point me
> some resources on the subject?

	first of all, I suggest you to ask such questions on the
mailing-lists dedicated to scientific Python, among which
numpy-discussion@scipy.org (Cced in this e-mail) or  SciPy Users List
scipy-user@scipy.org. These are very active mailing-lists, where you may
get answers from a large pool of experts in scientific Python, and it is
always faster and more efficient than asking a single person -- all the
more than I'm not an expert of frequent pattern mining or parallel
computing at all! You have to suscribe first to these lists in order to
get the answers to your questions.

	Did you take a look at the page dedicated to parallel computing
with Python http://wiki.python.org/moin/ParallelProcessing ? (You don't
mention explicitely in your message that you're using Python for data
processing, can you first confirm this?). You may see from this page that
there is a great deal of possibilities. 

	It is difficult for me to give you more information without
knowing some further details. Could you please tell us:
 * which kind of parallel computing do you want to perform? And on which
architecture? Do you want to run jobs on a multicore computer with shared
memory or to perform distributed computing on a cluster? The solutions
may be quite different depending on the answer.
 * do you wish to perform fine-grained parallel computing (e.g. do you need
to separate your data objects into different parts that will be processed
on different cores and "glue together" the output of the different
tasks), or do you have independent high-level operations that could be
easily parallelized (e.g. independent processing of different datasets) 
 * and in general, can you tell us a little more about what you want to

	However, once again, I don't know much about such subjects, you
might get far more interesting answers from the list.

	Cheers (and good luck with you Master thesis :D),


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