[Numpy-discussion] patching docs

Joe Harrington jh@physics.ucf....
Fri Apr 24 08:43:56 CDT 2009

william ratcliff <william.ratcliff@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi!  I'd like to suggest a patch for:
> numpy <http://docs.scipy.org/numpy/docs/numpy/>.core<http://docs.scipy.org/numpy/docs/numpy.core/>
> .fromnumeric <http://docs.scipy.org/numpy/docs/numpy.core.fromnumeric/>.put
> The docstring contains:

> for i, val in zip(ind,v):
>   x.flat[i]=val

> It should be:

> for i, val in zip(ind,v):
>   a.flat[i]=val


It appears you are basing your patch on a numpy release rather than
the wiki you have actually linked to, as this problem was fixed on
2009-03-16 by Ralf Gommers.

> This would be more consistent with the rest of the docstring.  For the
> future, is there an easy way for us to patch docstrings?

Sure!  Follow the instructions on docs.scipy.org/numpy/ and make
yourself a doc wiki account.  Post the account name to the scipy-dev
mailing list and ask to be made an editor.  Then please edit!  But,
please be careful that you develop any changes based on the current
docstrings and not something from a release.  Because the releases are
snapshots of a fast-moving project, they are often out of date (In
fact, I tell my students to use the doc wiki as their best source of
docs, and to ignore help()).

Thanks again,


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