[Numpy-discussion] Funded work on Numpy: proposed improvements and request for feedback

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Wed Aug 5 06:45:30 CDT 2009

Bruce Southey wrote:
> So if 'C99-like' is going to be the near term future, is there any
> point in supporting non-C99 environments with this work?

There may be a misunderstanding: if the platform support C99 complex,
then we will use it, and otherwise, we will do as today, that is define
our own type.

The advantages of reusing the C99 complex type if available:
    - if yourself do not care about portability, you can use the numpy
complex typedef as a C99 complex, using addition, division, etc...
    - we can reuse the math library.

I also need some sort of proper C99 support for windows 64 (more exactly
to reimplement a minimal libgfortran buildable by MS compiler).

> That is, is the limitation in the compiler, operating system,
> processor or some combination of these?

That's purely a compiler issue. Of course, the main culprit is MS
compiler. MS explicitly stated they did not care about proper C support.



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