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Wed Aug 5 13:34:27 CDT 2009

On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 4:45 AM, Romain Brette <romain.brette@ens.fr> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I was wondering if you had any plan to incorporate some GPU support to
> numpy, or
> perhaps as a separate module. What I have in mind is something that would
> mimick
> the syntax of numpy arrays, with a new dtype (gpufloat), like this:
> from gpunumpy import *
> x=zeros(100,dtype='gpufloat') # Creates an array of 100 elements on the GPU
> y=ones(100,dtype='gpufloat')
> z=exp(2*x+y) # z in on the GPU, all operations on GPU with no transfer
> z_cpu=array(z,dtype='float') # z is copied to the CPU
> i=(z>2.3).nonzero()[0] # operation on GPU, returns a CPU integer array
> I came across a paper about something like that but couldn't find any
> public
> release:
> http://www.tricity.wsu.edu/~bobl/personal/mypubs/2009_gpupy_toms.pdf<http://www.tricity.wsu.edu/%7Ebobl/personal/mypubs/2009_gpupy_toms.pdf>
> There is a library named GPULib (http://www.txcorp.com/products/GPULib/)
> that
> does similar things, but unfortunately they don't support Python (I think
> their
> main Python developer left).
> I think this would be very useful for many people. For our project (a
> neural
> network simulator, http://www.briansimulator.org) we use PyCuda
> (http://mathema.tician.de/software/pycuda), which is great, but it is
> mainly for
> low-level GPU programming.

What sort of functionality are you looking for? It could be you could slip
in a small mod that would do what you want. In the larger picture, the use
of GPUs has been discussed on the list several times going back at least a
year. The main problems with using GPUs were that CUDA was only available
for nvidia video cards and there didn't seem to be any hope for a CUDA
version of LAPACK.

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