[Numpy-discussion] FCompiler and runtime library dirs

Lisandro Dalcin dalcinl@gmail....
Thu Aug 6 16:48:45 CDT 2009

Hi, folks, Using NumPy 1.3.0 from Fedora 11, though this issue likely
applies to current trunk (I've not actually tested, just taken a look
at the sources)

As numpy.distutils.FCompiler inherits from
distutils.ccompiler.CCompiler, the method
"runtime_library_dir_option()" fails with NotImplementedError. I had
to add the monkeypatch pasted below to a setup.py script (full code at
in order to get things working (wiht GCC on Linux):

from numpy.distutils.fcompiler     import FCompiler
from numpy.distutils.unixccompiler import UnixCCompiler
FCompiler.runtime_library_dir_option = \

Do any of you have an idea about how to properly fix this issue in
numpy? I'm tempted to re-use the UnixCompiler implementation in POSIX
(including Mac OS X?), just to save some lines and do not repeat that
code in every FCompiler subclass... Comments?

Lisandro Dalcín
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