[Numpy-discussion] saving incrementally numpy arrays

Kim Hansen slaunger@gmail....
Tue Aug 11 01:57:40 CDT 2009

I have had some resembling challenges in my work, and here appending the
nympy arrays to HDF5 files using PyTables has been the solution for me -
that used in combination with lzo compression/decompression has lead to very
high read/write performance in my application with low memory consumption.
You may also want to have a look at the h5py package.

2009/8/11 Juan Fiol <fiolj@yahoo.com>

> Hi, I am creating numpy arrays in chunks and I want to save the chunks
> while my program creates them. I tried to use numpy.save but it failed
> (because it is not intended to append data). I'd like to know what is, in
> your opinion, the best way to go. I will put a few thousands every time but
> building up a file of several Gbytes. I do not want to put into memory
> all previous data each time. Also I cannot wait until the program finishes,
> I must save partial results periodically. Thanks, any help will be
> appreciated
> Juan
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