[Numpy-discussion] adaptive sampling of an interval or plane

John Hunter jdh2358@gmail....
Wed Aug 12 06:28:08 CDT 2009

We would like to add function plotting to mpl, but to do this right we
need to be able to adaptively sample a function evaluated over an
interval so that some tolerance condition is satisfied, perhaps with
both a relative and absolute error tolerance condition.  I am a bit
out of my area of competency here, eg I do not know exactly how the
tolerance condition should be specified, but I suspect some of you
here may be experts on this.  Does anyone have some code compatible
with the BSD license, preferably based on numpy but we would consider
an extension code or scipy solution, for doing this?

The functionality we have in mind is provided in matlab with fplot


We would like 1D and 2D versions of this ideally.  If anyone has some
suggestions, let me know.


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