[Numpy-discussion] Masking an array with another array

John [H2O] washakie@gmail....
Wed Aug 12 16:01:52 CDT 2009

I suspect I am trying to do something similar...  I would like to create a
mask where I have data. In essence, I need to return True where x,y is equal
to lon,lat.... 

I suppose a setmember solution may somehow be more elegant, but this is what
I've worked up for now... suggestions?

def genDataMask(x,y, xbounds=(-180,180), ybounds=(-90,90), res=(0.5,0.5) ):
    """ generate a data mask
    no data = False
    data = True
    xy = numpy.column_stack((x,y))
    newx = np.arange(xbounds[0],xbound[1],res[0])
    newy = np.arange(ybounds[0],ybounds[1],res[1])
    #create datamask
    dm = np.empty(len(newx),len(newy))

    for _xy in xy: 
        dm[np.where(_xy[0]=newx),np.where(_xy[1]==newy) ] = True

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