[Numpy-discussion] masked index surprise

John Hunter jdh2358@gmail....
Fri Aug 14 13:05:47 CDT 2009

I just tracked down a subtle bug in my code, which is equivalent to

In [64]: x, y = np.random.rand(2, n)

In [65]: z = np.zeros_like(x)

In [66]: mask = x>0.5

In [67]: z[mask] = x/y

I meant to write

  z[mask] = x[mask]/y[mask]

so I can fix my code, but why is line 67 allowed

  In [68]: z[mask].shape
  Out[68]: (54,)

  In [69]: (x/y).shape
  Out[69]: (100,)

it seems like broadcasting would fail

In [70]: np.__version__
Out[70]: '1.4.0.dev7153'

In [71]:

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