[Numpy-discussion] Removing scipy.stsci was [Re: [SciPy-dev] Deprecate chararray [was Plea for help]]

Vincent Schut schut@sarvision...
Fri Aug 21 02:58:34 CDT 2009

Christopher Hanley wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
> Never mind.  I just found the Sprint website and read the  
> description.  I'm sorry I hadn't found this sooner.  I would have made  
> plans to stay and help.  My apologizes.
Hi list,

I just saw this too and would like to misuse this thread to suggest 
another enhancement related to image processing you might consider: make 
ndimage maskedarray aware. Unfortunately we don't have any money to 
spend, otherwise I'd love to support this financially too. But it's a 
thing I'm running into (ndimage not working with missing data, that is) 
regularly, and for which it often is pretty hard to work out a 
workaround. E.g. any of the resampling (ndimage.zoom) or kernel 
filtering routines choke on array's with NaN's, and don't recognize 
masked arrays. Alas virtually all of the image data I process (satellite 
imagery) contains missing/bad data...

I know it probably will be a pretty involved task, as ndimage comes from 
numarray and seems to be largely implemented in C. But I really wanted 
to raise the issue now the image processing subject turns up once again, 
and hope some folks with more/better programming skills than me might 
like the idea...

Oh and I know of course ndimage is scipy, and this list is numpy. But as 
the image processing subject emerged here, well...

Vincent Schut.

> Sorry,
> Chris

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