[Numpy-discussion] Accelerating NumPy computations [Was: GPU Numpy]

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher@gmail....
Fri Aug 21 09:44:04 CDT 2009

>> I personally think that, in general, exposing GPU capabilities directly
>> to NumPy would provide little service for most NumPy users.  I rather
>> see letting this task to specialized libraries (like PyCUDA, or special
>> versions of ATLAS, for example) that can be used from NumPy.
> specialized library can be a good start as currently their is too much
> incertitude in the language(opencl vs nvidia api driver(pycuda, but not
> cublas, cufft,...) vs c-cuda(cublas, cufft))

Indeed. In the future, if OpenCL is the way to go, it may even be
helpful to have Numpy using OpenCL directly, as AMD provides an SDK
for OpenCL, and with Larrabee approaching, Intel will surely provide
one of its own.

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