[Numpy-discussion] What type should / return in python3kwhenapplied to two integer types?

Nadav Horesh nadavh@visionsense....
Thu Aug 27 14:43:31 CDT 2009

I really do not mind avoiding the long doubles, In practice I used them only once or twice, but I assume that short int -> float would be useful for many of the numpy users. It also may align nicely with (u)int8->float16 on GPUs.


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2009/8/27 Nadav Horesh <nadavh@visionsense.com>

> How about making this arch dependent translation:
> short int -> float
> int -> double
> long int -> long double
> or adding a flag that would switch between the above translation to the
> option that would produce only doubles.
> For some computing projects I made I would prefer the first option: There I
> used huge array, and could not afford having extra precision of the account
> of memory consumption.  Currently I do a  lot of (8 and 16 bits) image
> processing, memory size is not a problem, and it feels nice not to worry
> about precision (think about the bad habits of Matlab users).

I really want to avoid long double. My hope is that some day it will always
be quad precision on ieee machines and then it will be a more universal
type. But that day is still in the (far?) future.



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