[Numpy-discussion] future directions

Johan Grönqvist johan.gronqvist@gmail....
Fri Aug 28 01:28:01 CDT 2009

Neil Martinsen-Burrell skrev:
> The persistence of the idea that removing Numpy's legacy features will 
> only be annoyance is inimical to the popularity of the whole Numpy 
> project.  [...] Once scientists have working codes it is more than an 
> annoyance to have to change those codes.  In some cases, it may be the 
> motivation for people to use other software packages.
> [...]
> For software developers, 
> compatibility-breaking changes seem like they call for just a few small 
> tweaks to the code.  For scientists who work with software, those same 
> changes may call for never choosing Numpy again in the future.

I very much agree, and similar (a bit worse, actually) behaviour in 
another product is an important reason why I am trying to switch to 
numpy (and I enjoy talking badly about that other product when 

If the proposed changes seem important, I would appreciate having a 
namespace called numpy.legacy or numpy.deprecated or numpy.1dotX, that 
retains all the old functions. That would only be a small annoyance (to 
me) if importing the right thing could be handled in code when moving 
between machines having different versions of numpy.

(something like
from numpy import version
if version > x.y:
	import numpy.legacy
	import numpy

All IMHO, my 2 cents etc.


/ johan

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