[Numpy-discussion] What type should / return in python 3k when applied to two integer types?

Alan G Isaac aisaac@american....
Fri Aug 28 09:53:58 CDT 2009

On 8/28/2009 10:46 AM Neal Becker apparently wrote:
> explicit is better than implicit.  IMO, if I want int/int-> float, I should 
> ask for it explicitly, by casting the ints to float first (in numpy, that 
> would be using astype).

Aren't you begging the question?
Nobody is suggesting int//int -> float.
The question is: what is the meaning of `/`.
Adopting a Python 3 compatible meaning is
forward looking. Once we agree on the meaning,
it *is* explicit, as is int//int.

Alan Isaac

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