[Numpy-discussion] Three bugs fixed

Michael Droettboom mdroe@stsci....
Fri Dec 4 08:28:13 CST 2009

Charles R Harris wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 4:25 PM, Travis Oliphant 
> <oliphant@enthought.com <mailto:oliphant@enthought.com>> wrote:
>     I'm not sure which fix that was.   The bus errors started when I
>     added the test for #1299.  I also fixed the test with the reduceat
>     bug in that same checkin, but the SPARC build machines are
>     reporting a bus error in testing #1299. 
>     I'm not sure where the bus error is occurring in that code exactly
>     (i.e. the test wasn't being run before my fix so it could have
>     exposed a bus error earlier --- obviously I need to play better
>     with the build-bots than I am doing). 
> The error could certainly been lurking all these years, I don't think 
> reduceat gets used much.
>     A likely candidate though is the PyArray_Item_INCREF  call (though
>     it uses the new copy-object-before-refcount-changes  semantics). 
> Would that cause a bus error? That looks like an alignment issue. 
> There was another buffer alignment issue a while back that I fixed, 
> I'll try to track it down. Maybe we can get Michael Droettboom to help 
> here, he has access to SPARC.
Sure.  I have some time to look into it this morning.


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