[Numpy-discussion] Import numpy fails on cygwin python

Olivia Cheronet cheronetolivia@yahoo....
Fri Dec 4 10:26:38 CST 2009

> From: David Cournapeau <cournape@gmail.com>
> >> Does the file
> >> /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/numpy/linalg/lapack_lite.so exist ?
> >>
> >> cheers,
> >>
> >> David
> >
> >
> > Indeed, this file is not there. Where can I find it?
> My mistake, cygwin uses the same extension as windows, that is .dll
> and not .so, so I would need the output of ldd lapack_lite.dll as well
> as the output of nm lapack_lite.dll

Here are the outputs of cygcheck (as advised in http://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin/2009-10/msg00004.html) and nm.

I have found cyglapack.dll in lib/lapack/cygblas.dll.....



$ cygcheck /lib/python2.5/site-packages/numpy/linalg/lapack_lite.dll 
Error: could not find cyglapack.dll

$ nm /lib/python2.5/site-packages/numpy/linalg/lapack_lite.dll 
10008000 b .bss
10008120 b .bss
10008020 b .bss
10008120 b .bss
10008060 b .bss
10008060 b .bss
10008120 b .bss
10008120 b .bss
10008120 b .bss
10008110 b .bss
10008120 b .bss
10008120 b .bss
10008020 b .bss
10008120 b .bss
10008120 b .bss
10006160 d .data
10006160 d .data
10006160 d .data
10006160 d .data
10006160 d .data
10006000 d .data
10006160 d .data
10006160 d .data
10006160 d .data
10006160 d .data
10006160 d .data
10006160 d .data
10006160 d .data
10006160 d .data
10006160 d .data
1000a03c i .idata$2
1000a000 i .idata$2
1000a028 i .idata$2
1000a014 i .idata$2
1000a0cc i .idata$4
1000a078 i .idata$4
1000a110 i .idata$4
1000a0c4 i .idata$4
1000a08c i .idata$4
1000a0c8 i .idata$4
1000a100 i .idata$4
1000a0e0 i .idata$4
1000a0bc i .idata$4
1000a0e8 i .idata$4
1000a10c i .idata$4
1000a0b8 i .idata$4
1000a120 i .idata$4
1000a0ac i .idata$4
1000a114 i .idata$4
1000a090 i .idata$4
1000a09c i .idata$4
1000a12c i .idata$4
1000a0b0 i .idata$4
1000a070 i .idata$4
1000a0f8 i .idata$4
1000a11c i .idata$4
1000a0a8 i .idata$4
1000a06c i .idata$4
1000a064 i .idata$4
1000a0a0 i .idata$4
1000a0f0 i .idata$4
1000a068 i .idata$4
1000a0a4 i .idata$4
1000a108 i .idata$4
1000a080 i .idata$4
1000a088 i .idata$4
1000a098 i .idata$4
1000a0d0 i .idata$4
1000a104 i .idata$4
1000a130 i .idata$4
1000a0b4 i .idata$4
1000a084 i .idata$4
1000a07c i .idata$4
1000a12c i .idata$4
1000a0f4 i .idata$4
1000a094 i .idata$4
1000a0ec i .idata$4
1000a0d8 i .idata$4
1000a124 i .idata$4
1000a128 i .idata$4
1000a118 i .idata$4
1000a0c0 i .idata$4
1000a0fc i .idata$4
1000a0e4 i .idata$4
1000a0d4 i .idata$4
1000a074 i .idata$4
1000a0dc i .idata$4
1000a1cc i .idata$5
1000a1c4 i .idata$5
1000a148 i .idata$5
1000a1b8 i .idata$5
1000a1e8 i .idata$5
1000a1fc i .idata$5
1000a1e0 i .idata$5
1000a1dc i .idata$5
1000a140 i .idata$5
1000a158 i .idata$5
1000a1f8 i .idata$5
1000a1a8 i .idata$5
1000a190 i .idata$5
1000a1ac i .idata$5
1000a1a4 i .idata$5
1000a19c i .idata$5
1000a144 i .idata$5
1000a15c i .idata$5
1000a194 i .idata$5
1000a198 i .idata$5
1000a18c i .idata$5
1000a1b0 i .idata$5
1000a188 i .idata$5
1000a17c i .idata$5
1000a16c i .idata$5
1000a160 i .idata$5
1000a180 i .idata$5
1000a178 i .idata$5
1000a170 i .idata$5
1000a134 i .idata$5
1000a174 i .idata$5
1000a168 i .idata$5
1000a150 i .idata$5
1000a1a0 i .idata$5
1000a184 i .idata$5
1000a14c i .idata$5
1000a164 i .idata$5
1000a200 i .idata$5
1000a1bc i .idata$5
1000a1d4 i .idata$5
1000a154 i .idata$5
1000a1d8 i .idata$5
1000a1c0 i .idata$5
1000a1fc i .idata$5
1000a1c8 i .idata$5
1000a13c i .idata$5
1000a1e4 i .idata$5
1000a1d0 i .idata$5
1000a1f4 i .idata$5
1000a1f0 i .idata$5
1000a138 i .idata$5
1000a1b4 i .idata$5
1000a1ec i .idata$5
1000a214 i .idata$6
1000a370 i .idata$6
1000a2a8 i .idata$6
1000a39c i .idata$6
1000a2c0 i .idata$6
1000a440 i .idata$6
1000a488 i .idata$6
1000a2d8 i .idata$6
1000a3c4 i .idata$6
1000a46c i .idata$6
1000a29c i .idata$6
1000a35c i .idata$6
1000a2cc i .idata$6
1000a458 i .idata$6
1000a2f0 i .idata$6
1000a2fc i .idata$6
1000a248 i .idata$6
1000a320 i .idata$6
1000a3ec i .idata$6
1000a314 i .idata$6
1000a32c i .idata$6
1000a344 i .idata$6
1000a234 i .idata$6
1000a3dc i .idata$6
1000a204 i .idata$6
1000a308 i .idata$6
1000a4c0 i .idata$6
1000a350 i .idata$6
1000a4ac i .idata$6
1000a26c i .idata$6
1000a278 i .idata$6
1000a220 i .idata$6
1000a284 i .idata$6
1000a388 i .idata$6
1000a2e4 i .idata$6
1000a258 i .idata$6
1000a3b4 i .idata$6
1000a338 i .idata$6
1000a400 i .idata$6
1000a42c i .idata$6
1000a290 i .idata$6
1000a49c i .idata$6
1000a2b4 i .idata$6
1000a414 i .idata$6
1000a260 i .idata$6
1000a504 i .idata$7
1000a548 i .idata$7
1000a530 i .idata$7
1000a544 i .idata$7
1000a53c i .idata$7
1000a534 i .idata$7
1000a538 i .idata$7
1000a52c i .idata$7
1000a528 i .idata$7
1000a51c i .idata$7
1000a50c i .idata$7
1000a520 i .idata$7
1000a518 i .idata$7
1000a510 i .idata$7
1000a514 i .idata$7
1000a508 i .idata$7
1000a540 i .idata$7
1000a524 i .idata$7
1000a564 i .idata$7
1000a57c i .idata$7
1000a580 i .idata$7
1000a568 i .idata$7
1000a570 i .idata$7
1000a58c i .idata$7
1000a578 i .idata$7
1000a574 i .idata$7
1000a59c i .idata$7
1000a598 i .idata$7
1000a55c i .idata$7
1000a594 i .idata$7
1000a56c i .idata$7
1000a560 i .idata$7
1000a590 i .idata$7
1000a588 i .idata$7
1000a584 i .idata$7
1000a4f4 i .idata$7
1000a4dc i .idata$7
1000a4e4 i .idata$7
1000a4d4 i .idata$7
1000a4d8 i .idata$7
1000a4f0 i .idata$7
1000a4e8 i .idata$7
1000a4ec i .idata$7
1000a4e0 i .idata$7
1000a5b4 i .idata$7
1000a5b8 i .idata$7
1000a4f8 i .idata$7
1000a54c i .idata$7
1000a5a0 i .idata$7
10007000 r .rdata
10007598 r .rdata
10013d34 N .stab
1000c000 N .stab
10005370 t .text
10005368 t .text
10005658 t .text
10005360 t .text
10005358 t .text
10005350 t .text
10005668 t .text
100054b8 t .text
10005348 t .text
10005340 t .text
10005338 t .text
100054a8 t .text
10005668 t .text
10005330 t .text
10005328 t .text
100056c8 t .text
10005298 t .text
100054c8 t .text
10005378 t .text
10005508 t .text
10005748 t .text
10001000 t .text
100052a0 t .text
10005760 t .text
10005290 t .text
10005758 t .text
10005288 t .text
10005280 t .text
100051f0 t .text
10005320 t .text
10005318 t .text
10005310 t .text
100056d8 t .text
10005310 t .text
10005310 t .text
10005310 t .text
100056e8 t .text
10005308 t .text
10005300 t .text
100056f8 t .text
100052f8 t .text
100052f0 t .text
100052e8 t .text
10005760 t .text
10005708 t .text
100052e0 t .text
100052d8 t .text
10005378 t .text
10005718 t .text
100052d0 t .text
100052c8 t .text
10005498 t .text
10005728 t .text
100052c0 t .text
100052b8 t .text
10005760 t .text
10005738 t .text
100052b0 t .text
100052a8 t .text
100054a8 T _DllMain@12
10005758 T _GetModuleHandleA@4
10008010 b _LapackError
10005348 T _PyArg_ParseTuple
10008000 b _PyArray_API
10005360 T _PyCObject_AsVoidPtr
10005310 T _PyDict_SetItemString
10005358 T _PyErr_Format
10005318 T _PyErr_NewException
10005330 T _PyErr_Print
10005328 T _PyErr_SetString
10005370 T _PyImport_ImportModule
10005320 T _PyModule_GetDict
10005368 T _PyObject_GetAttrString
10005350 T _PyType_IsSubtype
10005340 T _Py_BuildValue
10005338 T _Py_InitModule4
10005760 T __CTOR_LIST__
10005768 T __DTOR_LIST__
10005760 T ___CTOR_LIST__
10005768 T ___DTOR_LIST__
10000000 A ___ImageBase
         U ___crt_xc_end__
         U ___crt_xc_start__
         U ___crt_xi_end__
         U ___crt_xi_start__
         U ___crt_xl_start__
         U ___crt_xp_end__
         U ___crt_xp_start__
         U ___crt_xt_end__
         U ___crt_xt_start__
10005378 t ___dllMain
         U ___tls_end__
         U ___tls_start__
10008140 B __bss_end__
10008000 B __bss_start__
10005508 T __cygwin_crt0_common@8
100053a8 T __cygwin_dll_entry@12
10005488 T __cygwin_noncygwin_dll_entry@12
10006160 D __data_end__
10006000 D __data_start__
00000000 A __dll__
         U __end__
00000200 A __file_alignment__
10008110 B __fmode
1000a014 I __head_cyglapack_dll
1000a000 I __head_cygwin1_dll
1000a03c I __head_libkernel32_a
1000a028 I __head_libpython2_5_dll
10000000 A __image_base__
1000a1fc I __imp__GetModuleHandleA@4
1000a1b4 I __imp__PyArg_ParseTuple
1000a1b8 I __imp__PyCObject_AsVoidPtr
1000a1bc I __imp__PyCObject_Type
1000a1c0 I __imp__PyDict_SetItemString
1000a1c4 I __imp__PyErr_Format
1000a1c8 I __imp__PyErr_NewException
1000a1cc I __imp__PyErr_Print
1000a1d0 I __imp__PyErr_SetString
1000a1d4 I __imp__PyExc_ImportError
1000a1d8 I __imp__PyExc_RuntimeError
1000a1dc I __imp__PyExc_ValueError
1000a1e0 I __imp__PyImport_ImportModule
1000a1e4 I __imp__PyModule_GetDict
1000a1e8 I __imp__PyObject_GetAttrString
1000a1ec I __imp__PyType_IsSubtype
1000a1f0 I __imp__Py_BuildValue
1000a1f4 I __imp__Py_InitModule4
1000a138 I __imp___impure_ptr
1000a13c I __imp__calloc
1000a140 I __imp__cygwin_detach_dll
1000a144 I __imp__cygwin_internal
1000a164 I __imp__dgeev_
1000a168 I __imp__dgelsd_
1000a16c I __imp__dgeqrf_
1000a170 I __imp__dgesdd_
1000a174 I __imp__dgesv_
1000a178 I __imp__dgetrf_
1000a148 I __imp__dll_dllcrt0
1000a17c I __imp__dorgqr_
1000a180 I __imp__dpotrf_
1000a184 I __imp__dsyevd_
1000a14c I __imp__free
1000a150 I __imp__malloc
1000a154 I __imp__realloc
1000a158 I __imp__snprintf
1000a188 I __imp__zgeev_
1000a18c I __imp__zgelsd_
1000a190 I __imp__zgeqrf_
1000a194 I __imp__zgesdd_
1000a198 I __imp__zgesv_
1000a19c I __imp__zgetrf_
1000a1a0 I __imp__zheevd_
1000a1a4 I __imp__zpotrf_
1000a1a8 I __imp__zungqr_
1000a5b8 I __libkernel32_a_iname
00000000 A __loader_flags__
00000001 A __major_image_version__
00000004 A __major_os_version__
00000004 A __major_subsystem_version__
00000000 A __minor_image_version__
00000000 A __minor_os_version__
00000000 A __minor_subsystem_version__
1000a388 I __nm__PyCObject_Type
1000a400 I __nm__PyExc_ImportError
1000a414 I __nm__PyExc_RuntimeError
1000a42c I __nm__PyExc_ValueError
1000a204 I __nm___impure_ptr
10005698 T __pei386_runtime_relocator
00001000 A __section_alignment__
00001000 A __size_of_heap_commit__
00100000 A __size_of_heap_reserve__
00001000 A __size_of_stack_commit__
00200000 A __size_of_stack_reserve__
00000003 A __subsystem__
100056c8 T _calloc
1000a54c I _cyglapack_dll_iname
1000a4f8 I _cygwin1_dll_iname
100054c8 T _cygwin_attach_dll
100054b8 T _cygwin_detach_dll
10005748 T _cygwin_internal
10005738 T _cygwin_premain0
10005728 T _cygwin_premain1
10005718 T _cygwin_premain2
10005708 T _cygwin_premain3
10005308 T _dgeev_
100052f0 T _dgelsd_
100052c8 T _dgeqrf_
100052e0 T _dgesdd_
100052e8 T _dgesv_
100052d8 T _dgetrf_
10005658 T _dll_dllcrt0
10008050 b _dll_index
10005668 T _do_pseudo_reloc
100052c0 T _dorgqr_
100052d0 T _dpotrf_
10005300 T _dsyevd_
10008114 B _environ
100056e8 T _free
10005000 T _initlapack_lite
10001000 t _lapack_lite_dgeev
10001d40 t _lapack_lite_dgelsd
10002e20 t _lapack_lite_dgeqrf
100024a0 t _lapack_lite_dgesdd
100021c0 t _lapack_lite_dgesv
10002a70 t _lapack_lite_dgetrf
10003100 t _lapack_lite_dorgqr
10002c90 t _lapack_lite_dpotrf
10001520 t _lapack_lite_dsyevd
10006000 d _lapack_lite_module_documentation
10006020 d _lapack_lite_module_methods
100033c0 t _lapack_lite_zgeev
100038d0 t _lapack_lite_zgelsd
10004a60 t _lapack_lite_zgeqrf
100040e0 t _lapack_lite_zgesdd
10003e00 t _lapack_lite_zgesv
100046b0 t _lapack_lite_zgetrf
100018e0 t _lapack_lite_zheevd
100048d0 t _lapack_lite_zpotrf
10004d40 t _lapack_lite_zungqr
1000a5a0 I _libpython2_5_dll_iname
100056f8 T _malloc
100056d8 T _realloc
10005498 T _snprintf
10008020 b _storedHandle
10008040 b _storedPtr
10008030 b _storedReason
100051f0 T _xerbla_
100052b8 T _zgeev_
100052b0 T _zgelsd_
10005288 T _zgeqrf_
100052a0 T _zgesdd_
100052a8 T _zgesv_
10005298 T _zgetrf_
100052f8 T _zheevd_
10005290 T _zpotrf_
10005280 T _zungqr_
1000a1fc i fthunk
1000a12c i hname
10008060 b u.0


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