[Numpy-discussion] Py3 merge

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Sat Dec 5 18:41:06 CST 2009


I'd like to commit my Py3 Numpy branch to SVN trunk soon:


For an overview, check the notes:


None of the changes should affect behavior on Py2. The test status
currently is:

        Python 3.1:
        Ran 1964 tests in 10.294s
        FAILED (KNOWNFAIL=5, errors=435, failures=74)
        Python 2.4:
        Ran 2480 tests in 18.209s
        OK (KNOWNFAIL=4, SKIP=2)
        Python 2.5:
        Ran 2483 tests in 18.552s
        OK (KNOWNFAIL=4)
        Python 2.6:
        Ran 2484 tests in 20.359s
        OK (KNOWNFAIL=5)

The next TODOs are:

- Map 'S' scalartype to 'U' on Py3, and add a new scalartype for bytes 
- Finish the rest of the PyString transition
- Fix I/O
- Hammer out causes for test failures

More TODOs are listed in Py3K.txt.


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