[Numpy-discussion] Numpy not reconising PA-RISC CPU on HP-UX workstation.

Dr. David Kirkby david.kirkby@onetel....
Thu Dec 10 09:36:30 CST 2009

Charles R Harris wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 12:13 PM, David Kirkby <david.kirkby@onetel.net 
> <mailto:david.kirkby@onetel.net>> wrote:
>     See here for a fuller errror message,
>     http://trac.sagemath.org/sage_trac/ticket/7166
>     but basically I see:
>     gcc: build/src.hp-ux-B.11.11-9000-785-2.6/numpy/core/src/_sortmodule.c
>     In file included from numpy/core/include/numpy/npy_endian.h:22,
>                    from numpy/core/include/numpy/ndarrayobject.h:26,
>                    from numpy/core/include/numpy/noprefix.h:7,
>                    from numpy/core/src/_sortmodule.c.src:29:
>     numpy/core/include/numpy/npy_cpu.h:49:6: error: #error Unknown CPU,
>     please report this to numpy maintainers with information about your
>     platform (OS, CPU and compiler)
>     In file included from numpy/core/include/numpy/ndarrayobject.h:26,
>     The computer is a HP C3600 workstation
>     The CPU is a 64-bit 552 MHz PA-RISC device.
>     The OS is HP-UX 11i also known as HP-UX 11.11.
>     I'm not sure of the cache sizes on this, though I expect data can be
>     found on the web.
>     If a numpy maintainer wants access to the HP-UX machine, let me know
>     your preferred login name by email, and I'll create you an account.
> I believe this has been fixed. Can you try the release candidate?
> Chuck

Unfortunately I'm not in a position to verify if this is fixed, but I will do 
later and let you know. But it might not be for a few weeks/moths.

I was building numpy as part of Sage


which is not ported to HP-UX. In fact, there is no official aim to Sage to 
HP-UX, though personally I'd like to see a port. My main motivation is not that 
I want to use it on HP-UX, but that mainly trying software on other platforms 
often reveals buts that effect all platforms.

What I did was just *quickly* checked what bits of Sage built on HP-UX and what 
bits do not. One bit which does not build is python. So the numpy release 
candidate I downloaded detects the fact python does not exist, and so will not 
start to build.

On contrast, the previous version of numpy started to compile the source files, 
without checking python existed. Hence I found this problem with the unreconised 

The HP-UX port of Sage is not high priority, but every now and again I spend a 
few hours on it, though devoting most of my efforts at an improved port to Solaris.

If a numpy developer want to try to build the sources, without python present, 
and check this, let me know and I'll create you an account. But until python is 
building in Sage, I do not wish to spend any more time on the numpy/HP-UX issue.



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