[Numpy-discussion] Proposal for matrix_rank function in numpy

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Wed Dec 16 13:13:08 CST 2009


>> Is it reasonable to summarize that, to avoid confusion, we keep
>> 'matrix_rank' as the name?
>> I've edited as Robert suggested, attempting to adopt a more suitable
>> tone in the docstring...

> What comes next when someone offers up a useful function like this?
> We are using an earlier version of in statsmodels and wouldn't mind
> seeing this in numpy.  Presumably the doctests should be turned into
> actual tests (noting Robert's comment) to make it more likely that it
> gets in and an enhancement ticket should be filed?

I'm happy to write the doctests as tests.   My feeling is there is no
objection to this function at the moment, so it would be reasonable,
unless I hear otherwise, to commit to SVN.



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