[Numpy-discussion] Import error in builds of 7726

Chris fonnesbeck@gmail....
Mon Dec 21 14:29:01 CST 2009

David Cournapeau <cournape <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Ok, so the undefined functions all indicate that the most recently
> implemented ones are not included. I really cannot see any other
> explanation that having a discrepancy between the source tree, build
> tree and installation. Sometimes, svn screw things up when switching
> between branches in my experience, so that's something to check for as
> well.
> Could you give us the generated config.h (somewhere in
> build/src.*/numpy/core/), just in case ?

Am I to assume, then, that there is no fix for this issue at this stage? 
I am still unable to build a working version of the software (I tried again
today with a fresh checkout).


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