[Numpy-discussion] [ANN] numpy 1.4.0 rc2

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Tue Dec 22 17:09:32 CST 2009

ti, 2009-12-22 kello 15:28 -0700, Charles R Harris kirjoitti: [clip]
> But what about the GIL? That's what I'm curious about. Do we need to
> hold the GIL to check and clear and error? If so, there are other
> places where this will matter. I was under the impression that each
> thread had it's own error stack. But I don't know much about the GIL.

The issue seems to be that


calls Python/ceval.c:PyEval_SaveThread(), which calls
Python/pystate.c:PyThreadState_Swap, which sets the current thread state
(Python/pystate.c:_PyThreadState_Current) to NULL.

I'm not 100% sure if this is the same thing as releasing GIL, GIL is
probably a subset of this.

But, the exception information lives in the thread state -> NULL pointer
dereference in PyErr_* -> BOOM. 
And yes,

        PyObject *
                PyThreadState *tstate = PyThreadState_GET();
                return tstate->curexc_type;

which probably means it shouldn't be called between ALLOW_THREADS. Needs
to be wrapped between NPY_ALLOW_C_API & NPY_DISABLE_C_API, which call
PyGILState_Ensure, which resurrects the thread state from some global
dictionary or something.


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